Tokyo Metropolitan University, Department of Geography, Laboratory of Environmental Geography


About us

This research unit focuses on the relations between human and natural environment. For understanding processes enacted upon environment in local and regional scales, we try to integrate subdivisions of both physical and human geography together with interdisciplinary aspects of environmental sciences, such as soil science, vegetation science, forest ecology, landscape design, political ecology, folklore, anthropology and so on. Our research methods are in primary based on field surveys and monitoring observations on soil, vegetation, local climate, land and water, and interview surveys. We also conduct physical and chemical analysis of various environmental samples collected in the field to understand environmental dynamics. In addition, we use and analyze remote sensing data from satellites and UAV, and develop analysis and investigation methods. Research fields extend from domestic to widely overseas, with an overseas focus on environmental change and human responses in arctic, tropical, subtropical, semi-arid, and desert regions in Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Southeast Asia, North Africa, South America, and the Pacific Islands.

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